Friday, July 20, 2012

My Little Naturalist

Last night we had a water night at church - you know, one of those nights that starts out with water games and quickly turns into a free-for-all with everyone getting everyone else as wet as possible.  Great fun!

When Anna came home, she was walking all squishy, and she made the comment "Hey!  I'm walking on water!"

My husband, being the fantastic father that he is, saw his opportunity to make a Biblical connection to such a comment, and nabbed it.  "Who else walked on water, Anna?" he asked, trying to start a conversation about Jesus.

Anna thought for a moment and proudly answered "the basilisk lizard."

What the what?  My husband looked at me confused as I burst out laughing.

To understand, you have to know what I know, which is that one of Anna's favorite shows these days is Wild Kratts on PBS.  Have you seen this show?  It's really very good.  It teaches kids all about the creatures in the world and how amazing they are.  Anna, being my little outdoorswoman, loves it and retains everything about it.

And yesterday's episode just happened to be about the basilisk lizard.  Which does, in fact, run on top of the water.

Teachable moment lost.  Fantastic story born.  Chalk one up for the Kratt brothers!

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