Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things are gonna change

I have decided I need to blog more. There are things in me bursting to come out, and I need to quit being so lethargic about it. This is an exhaustive period in my life, but the truth is, writing will relieve the stress, so I needto quit being so lazy about it and write already.

Of course, if I didn't have the world's slowest computer, that would help...

So tonight, following the footsteps of my brothers, John (http://idreamofscotland.blogspot.com/)and Sam (www.creagar.blogspot.com), here is my list of irrational fears (p.s. I am not cool enough to know how to write links into words...anyone want to help me with that?)

1. Sharp objects. Actually, I have gotten a lot better about this, I think after being pregnant and then have two C-sections you learn to get over it. But I am still very wary about knives, and I do not want someone to chase me with one, even in jest. Bad things will happen. My friend Marc once lunged at me with a knife for a prank. I had a nervous breakdown and Christie had to go yell at him.

2. Spiders. You know, I don't know how irrational this really is. They are creepy and crawly. They can do bad things. And they can just stay outside, thank you very much.

3. Mice. This is such a girly thing to admit, but there it is. And I deal with them a lot, they get into my house all the time. Every time I see one of their little gray bodies scurry across the floor, I scream. And I can often hear them in the walls. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

4. Something happening to my children. I realize this may not be terrible irrational, but a mother's mind can go crazy places. You can come up with all sorts of "what if?" scenarios. It's not fun. I had to quit watching crime shows when I became a mom. They gave me nightmares. Except NCIS, apparently if it's the Navy I can't get it to relate to my kids too much. So that's good, because Anthony DiNozzo is my favorite current TV character.

All right, enough writing for now. Off to bake a cake. Seriously, I'm not kidding, off to bake a cake now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Stuff that Melts Your Heart

We've been having trouble getting the kids to sleep through the night. My 2 year old, Joshua, has gotten into the habit of waking up screaming, which resulted in us putting him in bed with us. However, this meant we didn't get any sleep, as toddlers tend to kick and thrash in their sleep...when they are sleeping at all. Joshua sometimes mistakes "Mommy's bed" for "Jungle Gym," which can mean people can start mistaking "Mommy" for "Walking Zombie."

So, we have been trying to make him stay in his own bed, which has taken some time but has gone pretty well. Except for last night, or should I say, early this morning. At 5:00 this morning, Joshua woke up screaming. I went in, hugged on him, sang him a song, and tucked him back in. As soon as I left, more screaming. And more screaming. AND MORE SCREAMING. This all went on till 5:45 when my husband got up and said he would take Joshua with him to the church next door. (My husband meets with our pastor in the mornings to pray.)

Joshua, however, was having none of it, as he proceeded to scream when I tried to hand him over to his father. He then spent the morning attached to my side - if I got up to go to the bathroom, or blow my nose, or walk across the room, he had to come too. Then he started demanding I go where he wanted and sit where he wanted - "Sit in this chair!" When I refused to give in to my 2 year old tyrant, he threw a fit that should be in the Hall of Fame of Fits. It was a press-your-buttons kind of morning.

And then, just when I was at my sleep-deprived wits end with him, I hugged him and said, "I love you." And right back, with no prompting, he said, "I wuv u too!"

All was forgiven instantly.

This boy has stolen my heart.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh What a Monday

So today I have the perfect morning for my first entry...

The madness of my Monday morning started with my one-year-old daughter climbing up on the dining room table and grabbing her brother's milk. I saw it from where I was standing, about 4 feet away...in slow-motion, as if it were a scene from a movie, she turned the cup to its side and poured the milk all over the table, the chair, and most notably, the carpet.

I usually don't turn on the video this early in the morning, but at that particular moment, I needed Bob and Larry to keep everyone out of the milk...

About 30 minutes later, after I had mopped everything up and started a load of laundry with milk-soaked rags, my two-year-old yelled for help from the bathroom where he was supposed to be washing his hands. I went in to discover that the water to the house had been turned off. When I called the water department, they had no idea why that was, and they promised to send a serviceman to check it out. I have yet to see the serviceman. Two hours later, the water, thankfully, came back on.

A little later on the in morning, my one-year-old climbed the chair again and got to the computer. Before I caught her, she had locked up the computer by opening Internet Explorer about 18 times and broken off the "M" key.

While I was fixing the computer, the two kids started fighting over something, and my two-year-old pushed over the little one. As I sat down to console her, I noticed an odd smell rising from her backside. I turned her over to check her diaper, and as I did, I discovered two things:

1. Yes, I was correct, she was, as we say in our house, "stinky."
2. She had managed to remove her diaper in the process.

I need a vacation.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tales From Mommyhood

Well, here I am, starting another blog...I haven't even kept the first one up, so we shall see how this one goes. This one will be entirely devoted to the crazy times that happen to me, a full time stay-home mommy.

Some background info. I have a two-year-old named Joshua and a one-year-old named Anna. I also watch a 5 month baby Mon-Fri, 7am-3pm. And yes, that is a lot of diapers. Diapers will be appearing on a regular basis here on Tales From Mommyhood. No one knows more about diapers than I do, I am convinced.

I am a stay-home mom, and I want to make it clear from the beginning that this is because it is what is best for MY family. Every family must do what is best for them, there is no right or wrong on this one. My husband and I prayed and sought the Lord's best for our lives, and this is what we believe He said. We've made some sacrifices in order for me to stay home, but again, that's what was best for us. This whole mommy wars debate is ridiculous and must stop.

So, there's my rant for the day. Stay tuned for some crazy funny stories from the Land of Mommyhood!