Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things are gonna change

I have decided I need to blog more. There are things in me bursting to come out, and I need to quit being so lethargic about it. This is an exhaustive period in my life, but the truth is, writing will relieve the stress, so I needto quit being so lazy about it and write already.

Of course, if I didn't have the world's slowest computer, that would help...

So tonight, following the footsteps of my brothers, John (http://idreamofscotland.blogspot.com/)and Sam (www.creagar.blogspot.com), here is my list of irrational fears (p.s. I am not cool enough to know how to write links into words...anyone want to help me with that?)

1. Sharp objects. Actually, I have gotten a lot better about this, I think after being pregnant and then have two C-sections you learn to get over it. But I am still very wary about knives, and I do not want someone to chase me with one, even in jest. Bad things will happen. My friend Marc once lunged at me with a knife for a prank. I had a nervous breakdown and Christie had to go yell at him.

2. Spiders. You know, I don't know how irrational this really is. They are creepy and crawly. They can do bad things. And they can just stay outside, thank you very much.

3. Mice. This is such a girly thing to admit, but there it is. And I deal with them a lot, they get into my house all the time. Every time I see one of their little gray bodies scurry across the floor, I scream. And I can often hear them in the walls. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

4. Something happening to my children. I realize this may not be terrible irrational, but a mother's mind can go crazy places. You can come up with all sorts of "what if?" scenarios. It's not fun. I had to quit watching crime shows when I became a mom. They gave me nightmares. Except NCIS, apparently if it's the Navy I can't get it to relate to my kids too much. So that's good, because Anthony DiNozzo is my favorite current TV character.

All right, enough writing for now. Off to bake a cake. Seriously, I'm not kidding, off to bake a cake now.