Friday, April 8, 2011

Things Overheard at My House, Part 3


Anna: "Joshua's hands are sticky, so can we have another snack?"

Conversation between Mommy and Joshua, about a week after his 5th birthday:
"Joshua, you are not almost six."
"Yes I am! Six comes after five, remember? One two three four five SIX! I'm almost SIX!"

Anna, bargaining for candy during lunchtime: "Can I have candy now? I touched my strawberries!"

Anna and Daddy:
"Daddy, you say 'I love you,' and I'll say I love you too."
"I love you."

Another conversation between Mommy and Joshua, about a week after his 5th birthday:
"I want Bumblebee for my next birthday."
"Joshua, I don't want to hear about what you want for your next birthday, it's a long ways away."
"But I'm almost SIX! Then seven, then eight, then nine, then ten, then eleven, then twelve...I'm going to be THIRTEEN!!!"

"Anna, I think Buzz Lightyear wants you to eat your lunch."
"No, Buzz wants me to play with HIM."

Anna: "Mom, Matthew's stinky!"
Mommy: "You're right, do you want to change him?
Anna: "No, I'm not the Mom."

Joshua to his sister: "EWWWW!!! STOP LICKING THE COUCH!"

"Anna, don't dip Barbie in your shake."

Anna after a trip to the bathroom: "LOOK MOM! A whole FAMILY of stinkies!"

Joshua: "I'm five now, but I still can't reach the ceiling."

Anna, riding in the van: "Oh NO! We're trapped by a traveling goose!"

Daddy: "Do you realize that in five years, Joshua will turn 10?"
Mommy: "Yes, and Anna will turn eight."
Anna: "I'm not gonna turn eight! I'm gonna turn PURPLE!

And finally, overheard while Daddy was trying to weave spiritual lessons into the nightly story...

"Joshua, Anna and Matthew were walking through the forest, but they weren't alone, because, guys, who is always with you?"
Joshua: "CHIPMUNKS!!!"