Friday, March 30, 2012


Sean reads the kids stories out of their Bible every night.  Tonight's story was about John the Baptist.  After the story, Anna asked what baptism was.  Sean gave roughly the following explanation:

"Well, when people ask Jesus into their heart, and they really understand what that means, the Bible says they should be baptized, which means they get dipped under water and then come up..."

At which point Anna interrupted and asked:

"And then they turn into dinosaurs?" 

I'm not sure Sean got back to the original explanation.  There was too much laughter going on. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things Overheard in My House, Part 10

"Anna, I'm going to go make your lunch"
"Ok Mommy, but you have to make something I like"
"Oh I do? and why is that?"
"Because I don't like what I don't like."

"How did the crayon walk?" "I don't know, how, Anna?" "Because it had CHICKEN FEET! HAHAHAHAHA! CHICKEN FEET! CHICKEN FEET! CHICKEN FEET!" "Say good night, Gracie." "Good-bye, Gracie!"

"I’m not a kid, I’m a kindergartener!" - Joshua

"Hey Mom! It says A Star is Born! It must be Jesus!" - Anna

"OFWA!!!: - Matthew's name for Joshua

“Joshua, Anna, stop running” - Dad
“We don’t want Matthew to pee on us,” – Anna

“Matthew, you peed on me!” – Dad
“Hahahahahahahahaheeheeheehee” – Matthew

"Joshua is pretending I'm a guitar and I don't want him to!" - Anna

“How Bizarre, How Bizarre, dadadada” – dad singing about the bizarre cookie bazaar.
“How Biz-zah, Ow Biz-zah” – Matthew

“When Spiderman takes his mask off, he’s a GUY?!” - Joshua, his childhood innocence shattering around him.
"Daddy, I love you…excuse me, I accidentally farted." - Anna

Anna, discussing her dislike for chicken enchiladas...while simultaneously trying to get out of going to bed...
"Daddy? What if they were cheese enchiladas? What if they were HOT DOG enchiladas? What if they were PANCAKE enchiladas?"
"Anna...go to sleep..." - Daddy

"NANNI!" - Matthew's word for Anna

"DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY!" "What Anna?" "Did you know sometimes girls can wear bows?" "Yes Anna. Go to bed."
Conversation between my husband and me:
"Hey Sara, what are your plans for tomorrow?"
"Well, I'd like for Matthew to let me sleep past six..." (P.S. He was up at 5:30.)

And finally, from the melt your heart department:
"When I get big, will Jesus be too little to fit in my heart?" - Anna