Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Stuff that Melts Your Heart

We've been having trouble getting the kids to sleep through the night. My 2 year old, Joshua, has gotten into the habit of waking up screaming, which resulted in us putting him in bed with us. However, this meant we didn't get any sleep, as toddlers tend to kick and thrash in their sleep...when they are sleeping at all. Joshua sometimes mistakes "Mommy's bed" for "Jungle Gym," which can mean people can start mistaking "Mommy" for "Walking Zombie."

So, we have been trying to make him stay in his own bed, which has taken some time but has gone pretty well. Except for last night, or should I say, early this morning. At 5:00 this morning, Joshua woke up screaming. I went in, hugged on him, sang him a song, and tucked him back in. As soon as I left, more screaming. And more screaming. AND MORE SCREAMING. This all went on till 5:45 when my husband got up and said he would take Joshua with him to the church next door. (My husband meets with our pastor in the mornings to pray.)

Joshua, however, was having none of it, as he proceeded to scream when I tried to hand him over to his father. He then spent the morning attached to my side - if I got up to go to the bathroom, or blow my nose, or walk across the room, he had to come too. Then he started demanding I go where he wanted and sit where he wanted - "Sit in this chair!" When I refused to give in to my 2 year old tyrant, he threw a fit that should be in the Hall of Fame of Fits. It was a press-your-buttons kind of morning.

And then, just when I was at my sleep-deprived wits end with him, I hugged him and said, "I love you." And right back, with no prompting, he said, "I wuv u too!"

All was forgiven instantly.

This boy has stolen my heart.