Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things I Never Thought I'd Do

Well, I am back to the blogging world after a short sabbatical. We were having some major computer issues, but all is well now, because we just got a BRAND NEW COMPUTER! Everything is moving along fantastically now, so I should be able to write more often!

In honor of my new computer, I thought I would finish up an entry I started about a month ago. Enjoy!

I have only been a mom for three years, so I do not yet consider myself a "seasoned mother." Nor do I think I've done all there is to do - there are so many, many things I have yet to experience. Yet there are several things I have done up to this point that have caused me to think afterwards, "wow, I never thought I'd do that..." So, as my son's third birthday approaches, and I reflect over my few years in motherhood, I'd like to present the following, in no particular order:

Top Ten Things I Never Thought I'd Do

10. "Hop like Tigger" to the bathroom. (This was in order to get my 3 year old excited about going.)

9. Watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy the extended version, with commentary, on a loop. (Why, you ask? Because my daughter refused to sleep for the first five months of her life. I had to do something to keep myself awake at 3am. The commentaries are amusing, by the way.)

8. Have a passionate argument over whether the character on the screen was Bob or Larry. (Joshua gets them mixed up.)

7. Inspect and then discuss the contents of my children's diapers in great lengths with my husband and my mother.

6. Be thrilled when my son had an enormous stinky diaper. (You would be thrilled too if your son had not gone in five yi yi...)

5. Consider 7:00 a.m. to be "sleeping in."

4. Encourage my toddler to "go potty like Elmo." (He has an Elmo potty book. This has suddenly become quite the incentive.)

3. Breathe a sigh of relief to see lice streaming down my daughter's back in a river of olive oil. (Because it meant they weren't actually IN her hair anymore...)

2. Sneak up to the church nursery and fling the diaper bag over the barn-style door like a grenade because we forgot to send it with the kids, but if my daughter actually sees me, it will make the nursery worker's life miserable for the next hour.

1. Find myself in a parking lot at 9:00 at night with a book and a Diet Coke because it is the only quiet place I can find to read.

More to come, I am sure!!