Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Real Superhero!

Anna loves bugs.  Actually, she loves all things referring to nature, but she has this peculiar affection for critters.  She will walk right up to them with no fear, pick them up, talk to them, and name them...and she always names them Anna.  All bugs are named Anna.

Yesterday, when she was helping me clean behind a shelf, a bug of some sort crawled out.  I did what I always do - I hollered for my husband to come squish it.  He came around and started to get it, but Anna cried "No!  DON'T KILL IT!  DON'T SQUISH ANNA!"  She then carefully picked up the bug in her hands, went to the front door, and released it back into the wild. 

Afterwards, in the kitchen, we were discussing Anna's Great Rescue Mission of the Bug Named Anna.  Anna, loving the attention she was getting as we re-told the story, exclaimed one of my favorite Anna-isms ever:


While I generally do not consider the saving of roach-like critters to be superhero work, I had to admit, she very carefully worked hard to save that bug.  As my brother said, that bug will tell her her heroic deed for years to come...or at least for the next 24 hours, however long its lifespan is. 

Fight on, Anna.  Be the superhero you are! 

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