Saturday, August 13, 2011

Things Overheard in My house Part 6

"After they are done, do they get some candy?" – Anna watching a baseball game

"I had a good dream last night about eggs flying out of chickens’ bottoms". – Anna 

"Mom, there’s something dead in our house." - Joshua (it was a cricket)  

Mom: "Somebody’s cranky today."
Anna: "It’s me."

"Monkey Bun." - Anna 

"I don’t like to eat pickles, but I like to say pickles" -Anna

"We don’t want to put pickles in our bottoms." - Anna (good safety tip)
"Anna showed me her booger." - Joshua


Anna: "Mom, I love you!"   
Mom: "I love you too!"
Anna: "Hug my feet!"

"You’re a beautiful mom!" – Joshua

"I’m gonna try again, because the word is PERSISTENT!" – Anna

Mom: "I want to talk to your father."
Joshua:   "I just want to eat his nose."
Anna: "I have SO much work to do!" 
Mom: "Oh yeah, Anna? Like what?" 
Anna: "Oh, you know - meeting new friends, playing with toys, coloring, penciling, and hugging my MOMMY!"

"Here Dad – I found this spinach in my teeth. I got it out.  I don’t want it to be there forever."  – Joshua

Mom: "Anna, did you wash your hands?"
Anna: "YES!"
Mom: "Did you use soap?"
Anna: "No, I don’t have to use soap."
"ANNA-POWER!" - Anna (who else?)

"If God see you everywhere, but you hide under a blanket, how can He see you there?" - Joshua

"Thank you Jesus for Grania.  And backpacks.  And my shoe.  And pictures." - Anna during bedtime prayers
"I need a new belly button.  Mine’s broken" - Anna

"The ducks are pooping and peeing in the water!" - Anna  

And finally, in the way-to-make-Mom-cry section:
"I'm gonna MISS you, Mommy!" - Joshua, during a discussion over what to pack in his lunches for kindergarten

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