Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Here's How It REALLY Happened...or Maybe Not

The kids have these little Spiderman figurines.  One is bigger than the other, so Anna has dubbed him "Spiderman's Dad."  Tonight, as we were waiting for her brother to get out of the bathroom (he takes longer than a teenage girl), she picked up both figures, crawled into my lap, and declared we were going to play with them. 

"Hello Dad!"  she made the little figure squeak.

"Hello Son," I intoned as the dad's voice.

"Let's go save some people!" declared Little Spiderman.

"Ok, let's go!" answered Daddy Spiderman.

Off they went, "flying" through the air and landing on the children's Bible sitting in my lap.  (This should have been my first clue.)

"Oh no!" Little Spiderman said. "Some people are in trouble, we need to save them!"

"Ok!" answered Spiderman's Dad.

"They are in the fire!" cried Little Spiderman.

So Spiderman and his dad went trotting off across the book to save people from the fire.

To clarify, Spiderman's Dad said "They are in the fire?"

"Yes," Spiderman answered.  "Shadrach, Meschach, and Abendago are in the fire."

At this point I broke in laughing and asked with my regular voice, "Shadrach, Meschach, and Abendago?  That's who we're rescuing?"

"Yes," Anna answered firmly.  Then a moment later, "Shadrach is out, but Meschach and Abendago are still in the furnace."

Laughing, I made Spiderman's Dad say, "Well, we better get them out."

Another moment passed, and then Anna said, "Ok, they're all out and they're coming to lunch with us."

Still laughing, I made Spiderman's Dad trot down my leg after Little Spiderman as far as I could.  Then I asked, "What are we having for dinner?"

Anna thought for a moment, and then answered, "Bird's Nests."

(She's not being weird, Bird's Nests are a recipe I got from a friend's blog.  Click here if you want to see it!)

As Spiderman and his dad traveled along my leg, Anna announced that we were going to the Bird's Nest Restaurant.  Once we "arrived," she asked me what I wanted to eat.  I told her bacon, simply because it was the first thing that came to mind.  She thought for a moment, then decided "Yes, they have bacon here."  I asked her what she was having, and she didn't even hesitate: "Ice Cream."

So, if you are keeping track, here are the changes to the Shadrach, Meschach and Abendago story:
1. They were rescued by Spiderman and his dad.
2. Meschach and Abendago almost didn't make it out.
3. Once everyone was rescued, everyone went out the lunch and ate bacon and ice cream. 

Don't misunderstand - I am not an advocate for rewriting the Bible.  But I can't help but think that Anna's Heavenly Daddy was laughing even harder at all this than I was!

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