Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things Overheard in My House, Part 8

"This is my favorite game because the Chiefs are wearing red, and I like red." - Joshua, while watching the Chiefs game with his father.

"JOSHUA!  That is a BAD CHOICE,  and it is NOT A RACE!" - Anna, when Joshua beat him to the bathroom.  (Gee, think she's heard that at all?)

"Joshua, did you hit Anna?"
"Well, she was spitting at me!"
"Anna, were you spitting at Joshua?"
"Well…he threw a crayon box at my head!"
- Conversation among Daddy, Joshua and Anna

"MATTHEW!  You took off your jammy pants, AND your diaper!  NOW what am I supposed to do?" - Daddy while doing the bedtime routine

"He was SACKED!"
"Oh no, he's sick!"
"No, sacked, Anna."
"I thought he was sick."
"No, SACKED, Anna."
"He's sick?"
-  Anna and Daddy while watching a football game


"And if our God is for us, then anybody can stand against us..." Anna singing "Our God" with poor theology and her father's gift for hearing lyrics (see next entry)

"Rhythm is a dancer, it's a soul romancer..." Sean attempting, and failing, to sing the song by Snap!

Sean: "Guys, get back in your beds!" Anna (sounding indignant): "I am IN my bed! JOSHUA got out of HIS bed and SLAPPED ME WITH HIS PILLOW!"

"Matthew, what does a cow say?

"Thank you Jesus for Matthew's bottom.  Thank you Jesus, Amen." - Anna praying for the diaper rash on Matthew's bum

"HEY!  They have PIZZA in there!" - Joshua while driving past a pizza restaurant 

And finally...a glimpse into Anna's world...

"We need to decorate for the party!"
"Ummmm...what party, Anna?"
"The PRETEND party!"
"We're having a pretend party?"
"YES!  Do we have any balloons?"
"Well, if it's a pretend party, can't you have pretend balloons?"
"I don't know where the pretend balloons ARE!"

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