Sunday, October 3, 2010


Some families, when they gather for the evening meal, share intellectual discourse. Some laugh about the events of the day. Some even use it as a time to learn new things, such as a foreign language or the history of Ancient Rome.

Here's a list of things that happened at my family dinner tonight:

- Daddy let Joshua choose whether Matthew would start with his pureed pears or carrots. He chose pears, which meant Matthew did not EAT his carrots when it came time to feed them to him.

- Anna jumped up halfway through dinner, ran to the other side of the room, yelled "Look what I can do!" and proceeded to do a somersault.

- Joshua discovered that if he shut his eyes tight and swung his head back and forth, he was hilarious. At least to himself.

- Anna got down on all fours in her chair and started barking like a dog.

- Joshua began crowing like a rooster. "Cock-a-doodle-do!"

- We had an identity crisis as first Anna claimed that Daddy was Joshua, then Joshua claimed the same. It's hard to keep these things straight after all.

- Joshua flung his arm in a dramatic fashion out to the side, hit his milk, and sent it crashing to the floor. As I ran to get towels, Joshua had started to whimper when his sister came to the rescue: "Don't worry Joshua! MOMMY will clean it up!!"

- Anna ate two bites of biscuit. Joshua ate a serving of roast, a serving of peas, and two biscuits. When we tried praising Joshua in an attempt to encourage Anna to eat more, she simply joined in: "Good job, Joshua, good job!" When asked if she was going to eat any of her dinner, she paused and then responded ""

Perhaps the intellectual discussions will come later on.

Then again, maybe not.

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