Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Typical Weekday Morning

I'm standing in the kitchen, trying to get some breakfast and make some coffee.

Anna comes running in the kitchen...

"MOMMY! I don't want Joshua to GRRR me!"

Joshua comes in on Anna's heels, letting out a dinosaur-like "GRRRR!!!"

"Joshua, stop grrring Anna, she doesn't like it!"

(Disappointed sigh) "Ok..."

They both leave, I return to making my coffee.

Anna lets out another scream: "MOMMY, I don't want Joshua to ROAR me!"

(Lion-esque roaring is going on in the background)



A moment later Anna comes running through the kitchen.

"I have to go potty!"

Moved by my love for my daughter combined with the desire to do something to combat the morning's absurdity, I grab her on the way and give her a big hug and kiss.

She wriggles out of my arm and says "Sorry, Mommy, I'm sorry!"

Confused, I follow her in the bathroom and say "Sorry for what, Anna? You didn't do anything."

She pauses a second and then laughs and says "Good job, Mommy, good job!"

I am not sure what all just happened in the past few minutes, but I sure need to finish making that coffee...


Sam said...

Just wait...soon Matthew can join in the fun!


I Dream of Scotland said...

I love this, and all other hilarious stories about those little buggers.