Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Rites of Passage for Boys

Rites of passage are important for development. (Our society has a distinct lack of them, but that is another rant for another time.) There are certain steps on the ladder of a young boy's growth, important stages of learning and growth that every boy needs to go through in order to take his place among men in the world. They must learn to perform certain tasks and take interest in particular matters to join that crazy world known as "manhood."

I speak, of course, of the male fascination with flatulence, how it is made and what influence it can have on the world around them.

Recently, my four-year-old son has taken a major step towards this important stage of a man's life. He was recently taught that when placed strategically in the armpit area, a straw can be blown into in such a way that the noise emitted sounds identical to that of gas come from his behind. Having discovered this all-important fact, he can now be found most of the time running around the house, straw in arm, blowing away and laughing his head off.

Ah, growing up. These are the moments that make a mother proud.

They are also the reason Mommy needs coffee and lots of it.