Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Birthday Mystery

I have been meaning to pick this blog back up in order to report the hilarious activities of my three small children. Today's events, combined with the fact that it is my 29th birthday, seem to be a good place for a fresh beginning.

A Birthday Mystery

Upon returning home from a nice, quiet (albeit HOT) ride around town, I was immediately ordered to the back of the house as my husband was in the middle of birthday surprises. My two year old and four year old children followed me to my bedroom, and as I leaned over to give my four year old son a hug, I noticed the skin around his eyes were bright pink. Initially I was concerned he was having a weird allergic reaction to something, but a trip to the bathroom sink with a wet washcloth proved it was some sort of foreign substance.

I tried to interview the suspe...err, I mean, my son, in order to determine just what had been on his face and how it had gotten there. However, his defenses immediately went into action with rapid protests of "I didn't do it! I didn't do it! My sister did it!" When asked if it was makeup, he nodded vigorously, but the makeup in my makeup bag seemed to be intact and all accounted for. He claimed his two year old sister had put the makeup on his face. When asked what he was doing while she did this, he simply responded "I didn't do it! I didn't do it! My sister did it!!!" He also claimed "Daddy took it from her and put it back." A-ha! A possible witness!!

We moved the investigation to the living room where Daddy was questioned, alas, to no avail. He was as confused as I. Comin' round the corner, Suspect #2, my two year old daughter, was found on the floor with an orange marker. A-ha! A marker! Now we are getting somewhere! "Where is the pink marker?" I asked, hoping for some answers. Instead of a location, my ever possessive daughter responded with "I don't want to share the pink marker!" Further inquiries resulted with the same response.

That's as far as we've gotten. To be continued...

A post script: Suspect #2 just appeared with orange surrounding her right eye. The marker theory is picking up more credibility as we go

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