Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dinner Table Talk

The following are snippets of conversation  from our family dinner tonight...

Anna: "I had a dream last night that Daddy took us out for ice cream and got Matthew some and Joshua and I didn't get any!"
Matthew: "Yeah!  Me too!"
Anna: "No, Matthew, you got ice cream, Joshua and I didn't get any"
Joshua: "WHEN?!"


Joshua: "Once upon a time, there was a video camera that got eaten by a chicken."


Daddy: "So if there's a fire, you get out of the house and go to the ramp."
Joshua: "And I grab my toys on the way out!"
Daddy: "NO, you just get out, do NOT stop for your toys!"
Anna: "What if I'm holding my toys when there's a fire?  Can I take them with me?"
Daddy: "Yes, if you're holding them, you can take them with you."
Anna: "What if I drop them?"
Daddy: "Then don't pick them up."
Matthew (suddenly grabbing Daddy's neck): "I DON'T WANNA BURN MY LITTLE FINGER!"


Matthew suddenly grabbed my head and pulled it towards his. I said "Matthew, what are you doing?"  He paused for a moment and then answered "I don't know!"


Anna: "What if there's a fire and you guys are gone somewhere like...Colorado?"
Mommy: "Why are we in Colorado?"
Daddy: "And why did we leave the children by themselves?"
(We might point out that we have never been in Colorado during the entire course of our marriage or Anna's lifetime.)

It is never, ever dull around here.

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momc said...

I can remember the toy/fire conversation when you all were little. With the addition of a long discussion about who was going to get the cat....