Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things Overheard in My House...Holiday Edition!

The following things could be overheard during our family tree decorating session...


"Matthew, I don’t think you’re getting this – we put the ornaments on the tree, not take them off." - Daddy

Mom: "Why do we celebrate Hanukkah?"
Anna: "Because JESUS WAS BORN!"

"The Menakkah!" - Anna (think combining the words Hanukkah and Menorah) 

"Is that a dolphin?" - Daddy, while Mom was getting the Nativity set out (it was a donkey)

Mom: "I’m not going to do the crèche, I’m just going to put the people up."
Daddy: "You’re going to crush who?"

Daddy: "Ok everyone, let’s go around and say something they are thankful for."
Anna: "I’m going to go around."  (Then she walked around the table.)

"That’s not trash, that’s a Menorah!" -Daddy, during clean-up

"Baby Jesus is SO CUTE!" - Anna

"Matthew!  Stop throwing Joseph!" - Daddy 

"Matthew, if the holy family survives this Christmas, it’s going to be amazing." - Daddy (Matthew is a little rough with the nativity set)

"He wasn’t throwing Joseph, he was throwing Mary." - Joshua

"What a beautiful room…this doesn’t look like our house!" - Joshua (gee thanks, kid)

Anna and Daddy, discovering an ornament in which you can put a picture:
"Hey we can put a picture of me in here!"
"But Anna, we don’t have a picture of you that fits."
"Well, we can paint one!"

Mom: "Why do we celebrate Hanukkah?"
Anna: "Because ADVENT was born!

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