Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things Overheard in My House, Part 4

"Joshua, don't bother me, I'm trying to go POTTY!" - Anna, age 3

"We have to go to Mema and Grandpa's house or our TEETH WILL FALL OUT!" - Anna

"I'm not Joshua, I'm SUPER-JOSHUA!" - Joshua, age 5

"It's time to get your 'life is but a dream' costume on!" - Anna

"I AM NOT A CHICKEN NUGGET!" - Mommy, protesting the new game of "I'm gonna eat you," which involved everyone pretending to eat Mommy's leg

"I have jammies on! I'm JAMMY-MAN!" - Joshua

"Joshua, don't psych me out!" - Anna (Where the heck did she get THAT? From her 1990s time machine?)

"I'm cold! I'm COLD-MAN!" - Joshua

"Here Daddy. You can sleep with Rocko. He'll make you feel better." - Anna to her Daddy when Daddy was sick

"Here's a blanket - I'm REST-MAN!" - (Guess who)

"Is Jesus coming back today?" "I don't know for sure, but probably not." "AWWW! I want to see Him! I LOVE HIM!" - Perhaps my favorite conversation with Anna EVER.

"Joshua, why are you arguing with me?" "I'm not arguing, I'M RIGHT!" - Mommy and Joshua (and my parents can stop laughing now)

"Razors make me poop." - Anna (she got razors and raisins mixed up)

"I have jammies on my shoulder! I'm SHOULDER-MAN!"

"Rocks are things you leave on the ground. Rockos are treasures you pick up for your treasure box." - Anna explaining the difference between Rockos and plain rocks to her little buddy

"Get off the spaceship! WE NEED MORE BLANKETS!" - Joshua

"...and pray that we don't lose our keys..." - Anna during prayer time (always a good one for our family)

"Jesus is going to fall out of the sky!" "No, Anna, He's not going to fall, it's not like He's going to have an accident." "Jesus is going to PEE HIS PANTS?!" - Conversation trying to explain Jesus coming back to Anna

"There was a TOMATO while we were driving!" - Joshua (1. It's "tornado," not "tomato" and 2. It was just a thunderstorm.)

"Anna, why are you naked and covered in stickers?" - On my list of "things I never imagined myself saying."


Mommy: "Do you guys know what a tornado is?"
Anna: "Yes! It's food."
Mommy: "No, Anna, that's tomato."

"Why are you a sandwich?" - Anna singing a random song

Joshua: "I'M STRONG!"
Anna: "And I'm THREE!"

"Anna, who is cuter than you?" "HOBBES!" - Conversation between Daddy and Anna. He was asking rhetorically. And my parents' cat.

"Knock Knock! "Who's there?" "ANNA!" "Anna who?" "Umm...Anna I swim in the ocean GLUB GLUB GLUB!"

"MOMMY!! Anna kicked over my tower!"
"Anna, Joshua works really hard on his towers, please don't knock them down."
"But MOM! I'm using my SUPER SIDE-KICK!"

And finally, my husband's favorite entry:

"Knock knock!" "Who's there?" " Daddy!" "Daddy who?" "DADDY I LOVE YOU!!!" (Anna)

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"Sara" said...

Wonderful list! I love it! (Molly also tries to eat my leg.)