Friday, January 30, 2009

Top Ten Favorite Things that Start With H

Well, the blog world is a fun an interesting place, full of connections that never would have been made otherwise. A fellow mommy blogger, Luckygirl, found my blog via one of my favorite blogs to read, Stacy From Louisville. She commented that she could identify with some of the joys of motherhood I had mentioned (ex: mistaking "Mommy" for "Walking Zombie), so I went over to check out her site. One of her entries had a fun game where someone made a list of their Top Ten Things that Start With ____ (enter whatever letter it was), and when someone else commented, you give them another letter with which to do their own list.

I like dumb things like email surveys and "25 Random Facts" on Facebook, and my friends from my youth goup years may remember my affection for top ten lists, so I played and have received the letter "H." Here is my Top Ten List of My Favorite Things that Start With "H." Leave a comment with YOUR favorite thing that starts with H, and I will give you a new letter, and the blog love can keep rolling!

In no particular order...

1. Heaven. I haven't been there yet, but I am assuming once I get there it will be my favorite place, as I will get to spend eternity worshipping the King of Kings with no hindrance. Who-hoo!

2. Hand Lotion. I wash my hands about 30 times a day. I change at least 10 diapers a day, plus go to the bathroom myself, plus wash dishes by hand...I'm constantly washing my hands. When I remember to put lotion on, it's a lifesaver. Otherwise my hands becomes scaley and crack and bleed.

3. Hot Dogs. I really like hot dogs. The best are the ones at the ballpark, but since they cost about $5 a piece at this point, I haven't had one of those in years. Hebrew National ones are fantastic, and the all-beef Ballpark ones are great. My favorite way to cook them is on the grill.

4. HISTORY. How did it take me to #4 to think of history? I am a history buff...also known as history nerd. I read biographies and historical non-fiction for fun. I have some sort of odd, uncomprehensible obsession with the English monarcy, particularly during the Middle Ages. No on understands it, least of all me. I also love to study the genealogy passages in the Bible - all those verses in Chronicles people usually skim through on their "read through the Bible" jouney? Oh, I stay there for weeks!

5. Along those lines, I love reading Historical fiction. My favorite book beyond the Bible is Gone With the Wind. I have recently discovered Sharon Kay Penman. She writes novels around the time of - you guessed it - 12th-13th century England.

6. Hot Tubs. Having spent the better part of the past 3 years pregnant (at one point during my second pregnancy, I had actually been pregnant for more of my marriage than not), I have a great appreciation for hot tubs, because I couldn't be in them for so long. It's worth it to go work out at the YMCA just to get to use the whirlpool at the end. Aaaahhh...

7. Habbakkuk. This is my favorite book of the Bible that starts with H. Granted, that's a limited list (Hosea, Hebrews, Haggai and Habbakkuk, that's about it) but still, Habbakkuk is one of those little known books of the Bible with such great wisdom to share. Habbakuk had the guts to come to God and ask one of the great questions in life: Why do the wicked prosper? And God answers, although not in the way Habbakuk was really looking for. Not only is it a good place to go when you have questions yourself, but to me it's a great reminder to keep asking God questions. He wants to communicate with us!!!

8. Helmets. That's right, I said helmets. WEAR A HELMET. When I was 16, I got thrown from my bike and broke my arm in two places. That was bad enough, but as I was sitting in the hospital waiting to go into surgery, my mother suddenly noticed my forehead and asked, "Does your forehead hurt?" I looked at her funny - nothing hurt at the moment, I was on all sorts of pain meds. But my forehead had these large imprints from where I had hit to the shape of the pads from my bike helmet. If I hadn't been wearing it, there's a good chance I would have died. And don't talk to me about "just going around the corner." I was six doors down from my house. If you're riding a bike of any kind, WEAR A HELMET!

9. Hugs. Hugs are great. Hugs are healing agents. You can do a lot of good with just a hug, a lot more than you can with words much of the time. I like hugs, both giving and receiving.

10. Hey Ruth. This is Waterdeep's band before they were Waterdeep. Don and Lori Chaffer are my favorite musicians ever. They're strong believers in Christ, but they are not your typical "Christian" artists. Their lyrics are deep and their music is original. Hey Ruth is the irold band, and there is a 2-disc CD called "Old Stuff" that has music from that era. One of my favorite albums.

Fun stuff!! If you comment, I'll give you a new letter. :)

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Luckygirl said...

Great list. I especially love the helmets. I am a strict bike helmet enforcer. My husband rides his bike to work and he sees idiots out there with no helmet and no light or reflectors, in the dark, riding a bike the wrong way. What is with people???? I hope my babies don't mind helmets, because we're getting a bike trailer for this summer and they are riding around in back with little baby helmets on :)