Tuesday, August 7, 2012


One of the kids' favorite games to play is "Spiderman."  This means they all take on different Superhero roles and try to attack Daddy and Joshua. Some of the roles they tend to take on are Spidergirl (Anna), Spiderman (Matthew), Dr. Octopus (Joshua) and Green Blob (Daddy...this is a takeoff of the Green Goblin...that's a long story). 

Tonight they were playing the game and had taken on these common roles.  I can only hear snippets of the game while I make dinner, but here is what I overheard...

(After lots of sounds of shouts and squeals and death battles)

Green Blob: "Hey!  Your pet triceratops is eating me!"
Spidergirl: "I'm sorry!  Can't we just get along?"
Green Blob: "Ummm...ok."
Spidergirl: "Let's be friends, ok?"
Green Blob: "Okay!"
Spidergirl: "We'll be friends FOREVER!"
Dr. Octopus: "This is NOT HAPPENING."

In retribution, Dr. Octopus declared he was hiding Green Blob's invitation to the Superhero party, which GB had received as a result of becoming friends with Spidergirl.  But that turned out ok, because Spidergirl had an extra invitation.  Dr. Octopus cried "NOOOOOO!!!" and yanked the extra invitation away.  Spidergirl then responded "that's ok!  I have LOTS of invitations!"

Then Spiderman brought Buzz Lightyear (the actual action figure) into the game and started whacking Buzz on various pieces of furniture and, occasionally, the superheroes in play.

And that's what goes on in our house while I make dinner. 

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