Saturday, February 25, 2012

Free Marriage Advice

I have been married for seven wonderful years to an incredible man of God.  We are the proud parents of three beautiful, special, incredible children.  We've been doing the parenting thing for almost six years.  We are by no means experts on marriage or children, but we have seen a lot. 

There is one particular experience we have had that compels me to share this piece of marriage advice to you, dear readers.  I feel an obligation - nay, a duty! - to pass along this piece of wisdom so that you may not suffer the way I am suffering here on this beautiful Saturday in February.

For the sake of your marriage...for the sake of your wife's sanity...for the sake of all that is good and wholesome in the world...

Dads.  Do not.  Buy your three children.  RECORDERS. 


Believe me: No amount of Starbucks can make up for the damage inflicted by these hideous excuses for instruments. 

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