Friday, July 15, 2011

Things Overheard in My House, Part 5

"Anna, do not rub the blueberry on your foot." - Mom

"I can't stand on the potty. I might fall in. And I don't want to fall in the potty. I would miss Rocko." - Anna, age 3

"If you drink all your milk you can put your foot on the table." - Joshua, age 5, making his own dinner table rules

"HAT!" - Matthew, age 16 months

"I'm going to get hurt if I see a giant tomato." - Anna

"Anna, you can't go outside naked." - Dad

"Matthew, quit eating the paper towels." - Mom (kid'll eat paper towels, but the turkey sandwich at lunch, THAT he throws on the floor)

"I don't want to be your sister anymore!" - Anna, directed at Joshua in a fit of rage

"BAT!" - Matthew

Joshua: "I hurt my back!"
Dad: "Do you want me to make it better?"
Joshua, sounding annoyed: "No, you won't make it better, you'll just give me a buffalo kiss."

"Thank you Jesus for Mommy's ear." - Anna

"BALL! BALL! BALL! BALL!" - Matthew

"Anna, stop playing with your cheese." - Mom

"Why is that guy locked up?" - Joshua, while watching a baseball game with his father and seeing the manager behind some sort of fence

"I don't know how to do hard work." - Anna

Dad: "I found my Mp3 player!"

"MORE!" - Matthew

"Dad, you know when you go to work tomorrow? (Since) We cleaned up our COULD bring us a prize..." - Joshua

Anna: "Daddy? Why did the poopy diaper go on the road?"
Dad: "I don't know, Anna, why?"
Anna: "Because he's a poopy diaper! Get it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"NA!" - Matthew, calling out his sister's name!


And, finally, a conversation I am pretty sure does not happen in just anyone's house:

Mom: "Anna, when you go to preschool next year, you cannot take your clothes off when you go to the bathroom."
Anna: "Got it, Mom!"
Anna: "Deal?"
Mom: "Deal!"

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